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The Damage Fake Friends Can Have On Emotional Health

The Damage Fake Friends Can Have On Emotional Health

What are fake friends? Someone who acts like their your friend but in reality stabs you in the back at every opportunity. Those who care more about how they are perceived than their relationship with you. Their day to day routine is like keeping up appearances. They feel no way about  dropping friends to benefit themselves.

Damage of fake friends


The only people they show respect to are the friends that treat them just as bad. Those are the people I will no longer give my time to. Users and abusers who constantly have people around them. Somehow thriving through their deceitful approach to gaining and maintaining these friendships.

I wish I had a group of loyal, genuine and trust worthy friends. But the hurt that is caused from fake friends is undeniable. It’s better not to have friends than to feel the hurt and rejection they inflict. Fake friends may not know the hurt they cause, but one thing’s for sure they will never care until they are friendless themselves.

Until their wall of lies comes crashing down to reveal the cracked foundation they built them on. Exposed and humiliated by the false exterior they dressed themselves in. It is only then that they will realise the real friends they had. It is only then that they realise the negative impact they have had on your life.

Taking your kindness and crushing it with both hands. Leaving a dark void of self-doubt, disbelief and sadness. Feeling like you are not good enough to make friends with anyone. Afraid to allow anyone to get close to you in case they do the same. Scrutinising every word and move you make. Locking yourself away from the world. Struggling to pick up the courage to go back into it.

This is the damage fake friends can have on emotional health.

You can empower yourself by no longer relying on these people for confidence and happiness. Depending on yourself will give you independence. There have been various things I have wanted to do but didn’t, because I depended on having a friend to do them with. Discouraged by their unenthusiastic response and lack of interest.

We can lose so much time relying on others. The best thing to do is embrace your own hobbies and interests. Participate in the things you love regardless if it involves doing it alone. The growth mindset has helped me realise this and look at things differently.

One thought on “The Damage Fake Friends Can Have On Emotional Health

  1. Wow, wow, wow! Its like you can see in peoples minds and write what they are thinking. I think that alot of people will relate to this blog and re-evaluate their own friend circles. I don’t feel so bad about a lack of friends. Amazing! 🙂

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