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4 Ways to Stop People Exploiting You

4 Ways to Stop People Exploiting You – We are living in a world moving at an increasingly fast rate, where the latest fads are already superseded by the time they hit the shelves.  Where society is dominated by social media, which has unfortunately led to an influx in mental health and abuse cases. What’s horrifying is the people who take advantage of those who are vulnerable, those who are “too nice” or afraid to say no, those who just want to be accepted, liked and loved. Those who are “too quiet”, those who are going through conditions which impact their social skills. Those who are too big, too small, too light, too dark etc the list is endless.

Whilst we may not be able to change those who use and abuse the above. We can change the way we are around them. Here are 4 ways to stop people from exploiting you:

1.) It’s Ok To Say No
This is one of the most important things to do. Sometimes people say yes in fear of being rejected or because they want to fit in. The ones who truly care about you will respect your boundries but if you don’t set them, even they could over step the mark. The phrase stand for nothing or fall for anything comes to mind, so basically don’t do anything you don’t want to do, you will earn a lot more respect that way.

2.) Put Yourself First

Not only is it ok to say no, it’s ok to put yourself first. By doing this you are also empowering yourself. Using the Mickel Therapy analogy if you was on a plane and an incident happened where you needed to put oxygen masks on, you would be much more effective in helping others once you have put your own one on. You will feel and function better if you meet your own needs first.

3.) Stop Relying On People

We all want to be loved and to have thriving friend circles, but placing your happiness in someone else’s hands can be very dangerous. If you are expecting a relationship to make you happy you’re already starting off on rocky grounds. Whilst having good people around you can elevate your mood,  relying on them to achieve this is like handing over the controls to your body. Not only will this make you susceptible to being exploited it can make you overly dependent on others. Happiness starts at home, so if you are not satisfied with the person you are work on things you can change that don’t involve relying on others.

4.) Value who YOU are
Not only do you have to put yourself first you actually need to value who you are. If you don’t see the value on yourself how can you expect anyone else to? Get that note pad out and write down some of your best qualities. Even if you dont feel satisfied with yourself you need to acknowledge that you’re still a good person who deserves to be treated correctly. It may be hard at first and take a while to get used to but valueing yourself will create a powerful foundation for you to build strong healthy relationships from.

These are the 4 Ways to Stop People Exploiting You.

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